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About Me

Welcome to my Misa Beach Photography page.

My name is Michaela Mokrohajska and I am originally from the Czech Republic with probably a similar story than most of you. I arrived in Australia in 2014 together with my partner and these days husband, Radim to experience a few months away from home in paradise.


Several years later we have settled in Manly together with our beautiful daughter Lana and are grateful that we found a new home away from home thanks to our amazing Manly Beach Volleyball Community. I can call myself one of the lucky ones who can make a living by doing what I love, coaching and playing beach volleyball and it was about time to add another longterm hobby of mine to this lifestyle: Photography.

My biggest inspiration has been helping my friends and family preserve the important moments of life. I first started taking professional photographs in 2019 and it was then I discovered how much I enjoy the art of photography and that I would like to takeout the next level. I will do my best to make each photoshoot a fun and stress-free experience, enabling me to get the best out of each moment with you and your beautiful family or on the court.

- Misa - 

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